Top Clan Codes Games Of One Week

Game NameGame AuthorCodes
Underworld EmpirePhoenix Age, Inc.232
Downtown MafiaDynamicNext68
Mob WarsMetamoki Inc.42
Knights & DragonsGREE, Inc.39
Doomsday PreppersG5 Entertainment36
Restaurant StoryTeamLava31
Crime CityFunzio, Inc28
World WarStorm825
Fashion StoryTeamLava24
Monster WarlordGamevil16
Turf WarsMeanFreePath15
Kingdoms LiveStorm812
MinoMonstersMinoMonsters, Inc.12
Zombie LaneDigital Chocolate, Inc.12
Farm StoryStorm812
Modern WarFunzio, Inc11
War GameGameforge Productions GmbH10
VillainsUken Games10
Brave FrontierGumi Inc.10
Racing LiveStorm88
Age of LegendsUken Games8
Knight GameGameforge Productions GmbH6
Bakery StoryTeamLava6
Vampires LiveStorm85

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Top Games Of One Day

Game NameCodes
Underworld Empire21
Knights & Dragons8
Downtown Mafia8
Doomsday Preppers7

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