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The List Of Supported Games

Game NameGame AuthorCodes
Vampires Live (Storm8)0
iMobsters (Storm8)0
Vampires Game (Gameforge Productions GmbH)0
Paradise Island (Game Insight, LLC)0
War Game (Gameforge Productions GmbH)0
Knight Game (Gameforge Productions GmbH)0
Zombies Live (Storm8)0
Pets Live (Storm8)0
Racing Live (Storm8)0
Ninjas Live (Storm8)0
Kingdoms Live (Storm8)0
Crime City (Funzio, Inc)0
Mob Wars (Metamoki Inc.)0
Nuclear War West Field (GameZen)0
Three Kingdoms Heroes (GameZen)0
Nuclear War East Field (GameZen)0
Age of Legends (Uken Games)0
Forces of War (Uken Games)0
Pirates of the Caribbean | Master of the Seas (Disney)0
Turf Wars (MeanFreePath)0

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